Transport services

Domestic and foreign transport

Safely and always on time

We support our clients with specialized domestic and foreign livestock transportation. Our company possesses a modern fleet consisting of 60 vehicles with two, three, four and five level trailers. We provide the highest standards of comfort and safety for transported animals. Each of the vehicles is equipped with modern drinkers, ventilation and GPS systems.

Transport services

International and domestic transport

Good work organization paired with our modern fleet assures efficient transportation, no matter how long the distance is.

We organize the shipping

We employ specialized fleet that guarantees the highest standard for realization of each oder. Our professional shipping team will choose the best solution created for customer’s needs.

Experienced drivers

The transport of live animals, both on domestic and international routes, is characterized by the high professionalism of our drivers. Thanks to their years of experience in the sector our company can fulfill every order.



We put great emphasis on high standard of our vehicles The cars possessed by our company regularly undergo checks and modernizations. We provide animals with humane and safe transport.





We guarantee the highest safety standards. Certificates we are holders of are a great proof of high quality of services we offer.


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Transport services

Transport services department