Selling of piglets

Piglets in beneficial prices

We sell weaners with an average weight of 30 kg, which are characterized by high weight gain and the best health standard. We pay great attention to safe transportation of animals, that is why  we use vehicles equipped with modern drinkers, ventilation and GPS systems. We sell batches of piglets from 200 to 2000 heads per one earing number.

We offer good prices to all contractors, together with loaning for the period of fattening. Deadline of orders up to 7 working days and clear, stable rules of cooperation. We come forward to needs of the market and propose full support and advising on every stage of every stage of cooperation. We constantly update our knowledge regarding European regulation and our experience and knowledge allow for supplying our clients with animals possessing high meatiness and full with full veterinary documentation.

Selling of piglets

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Selling of piglets

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