Meet Hagric

Meet Hagric


We are a company that specializes in buying and selling of livestock and in international transport of animals. Our company has been active for more than 20 years. Throughout the period of intense work, we have built a strong position on the market. Our rich experience combined with knowledge, skills and commitment to each task guarantee the highest possible standard of completion.

We are here for you

We offer complete solutions and assure safe and professional domestic and foreign livestock transport as well as buying and selling of farm and slaughter animals. Moreover, our company cooperates with polish meat establishments, private slaughterhouses, transport companies and forwarders, both in Poland and abroad.

Your reliable carrier

The subject of transportation is treated by our company as a whole. Our clients are offered with professional servicing, repairs and inspections of vans and trucks. As a company, we pay great attention to quality of our vehicles and possess only the newest vehicles of the highest standard.


Support of the professionals

As a good qualified team of professionals we can guarantee the highest possible quality of our services. We treat our clients as partners whom we always communicate with on clear and fair basis. Our rich experience allows for choosing the best possible solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Moreover, we continually improve our competences which always puts as one step farther than our competitors!

Meet Hagric

Hagric – why is it worth?

  • Payments realized on time,
  • Financially stable company with a strong position on the market
  • Order finalization within 7 to 14 working days
  • Fair cooperation rules based on a dialog
  • Professional and modern vehicle fleet
  • High transportation safety standards

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